Hi all!

We thought we would give you an insight on to what we have been doing the last couple of weeks seen as though we haven’t posted in a while as it has been mad busy!!

Three weeks ago we started teaching the delightful kids of Grasmere school some baking and created a programme ”Great Grasmere school bake off”! We thought it would be an excellent idea to get the children out of the classroom whilst they still learn some key skills in science, maths, working with others and much more! Plus – ITS GREAT FUN!

Each week the children have been making a different bake –

First week – biscuits

Second week – pastry (sausage rolls)

Third week – Bread

Fourth week – Cupcakes

Fifth week – practice final bake week

Sixth week – Christmas fair judging

So far we have made the biscuits, sausage rolls and the bread! Cupcakes tomorrow! 🙂
At the end of every session we have rewarded to the pupils with star baker awards such as –

  • Having an imaginative design idea
  • Helping a friend
  • Been a good team player
  • Listening to other team member


”One of the huge benefits of owning your own business is that you get to choose what you do in your community. We love having the opportunity to teach these young people about baking and being able to be part of our wonderful village” – Karen Healy

Not only has this been and will be an educational experience for the pupils but they are also taking there final bakes to the Christmas fair on 15th December to be judged and then auctioned of with all proceeds going to Children in need!

We have been honoured to be apart of this experience and think that Grasmere school should be really recognised for the great things they do for the children!

Keep reading our blog for updates on the baking! And it would also be great for you to come join us at the Christmas fair – we will soon post more information on this event plus you can aslo visit Grasmere Schools website for any updates.


bake-off-2 bake-off-3 bake-off




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