Here at Karen’s outside catering, our team are always trying to keep up with todays trends and create fresh ideas through reviews, social media and of course our own new ideas!

Recently we were approached to create some healthy menus for a customer, which got us thinking it would be a great idea to build on this and open these menus up to all you guys!

Not that our menus aren’t already healthy and full of fresh homemade foods – but these menus really focus on our healthy choices – healthy still means delicious!

So with some thought and attention we have come up with a few menus that we would like to share with you soon to see what you think!

Here is a sneak peak at one of our menus which is the ”Heathy lunch”


Healthy Lunch

Minimum of 10 people

Homemade Soup (GF/VG)

Made freshly, served with gluten free bread or multigrain rolls

Selection of Sandwiches and salads

 Roasted vegetable and quinoa salad (GF/VG)

Spinach, butternut squash, green lentils and pomegranate salad(GF/VG)

Very Veggie wraps (VG)

Hummus, nuts and mango chutney Sandwiches (GF/VG)

Whole fruit bowl






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