Catering for a vegan wedding!

As you may know, Karen likes to excel in providing food for everyone – especially those with special dietary requirements!
Previously we have always incorporated Vegan/Gluten-Free food into an event’s catering for those that needed it, but we were met by the challenge of catering an ALL vegan buffet for a bride and grooms wedding yesterday.. we enjoyed it a lot! The guests enjoyed an array of foods, including Red Pepper and Hummus Crostini, and for dessert we had a delicious Carrot, Victoria and Lemon Meringue Vegan Cake.

So if you are hosting or attending an event – may it be a wedding or just a sit down private meal – and you require someone to provide delicious local fresh produce that meet your and your guests dietary requirements, then please don’t hesitate to give Karen a call on 07515127255 and she will ensure that we can create a feast that suits everyone 🙂

Below is the Groom who was thrilled with all the vegan delights!

groom  crostini




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