Afternoon Tea

(Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Vegetarian/Vegan options available)

Selection of sandwiches or finger rolls using locally sourced fillings
Local roast ham and mustard
Free range chicken and mayonnaise (Gluten Free available)
Lancashire cheese with Lythe Valley damson gumbo (Vegetarian/ Gluten Free available)
Free range egg mayonnaise and cucumber (Vegetarian/Gluten Free available)
Hummus and crunchy vegetables (Vegan/Gluten Free available)
Cumberland sausage roll (Gluten Free Available) or vegan sausage roll (Gluten Free available)
Selection of cakes, Victoria sponge, lemon (Vegan/Gluten Free available), coffee and walnut (Gluten Free available) or carrot (Vegan/Gluten Free available)
Fruit scone with Lythe valley jams and clotted cream or Cheese scone with cream cheese and chives
Both scones available Gluten Free
Choice of chocolate mousse or lemon posset (Gluten Free)
Substitution of Vegan Brownie for mousse of posset
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