When Will and Jess approached us about catering their wedding they had very specific ideas on what they wanted. This is usually music to our ears, but when the groom let slip that he was a chef and most of their guests worked in high end restaurants we wondered if we would be up to the job. I am happy to report that we were not only up too it but exceeded their expectations.

The day before the wedding our two nieces Holly and Rebecca made sure all was in place for the special day.

On the day of the wedding we started setting up for the big day ahead. Setting the tables, we worked as a team with each team member assigned to a different role.Throughout the morning we were busy carrying out our roles until the guests started to arrive. Greeting the guests, we guided them towards where the ceremony would be taking place and where the groomsmen were waiting for their arrival.


With the ceremony in full swing we started preparing the canapés and filling up the champagne flutes. After the ceremony the guests enjoyed some pink champagne and beers followed by a selection of canapés. For the canapés we provided beetroot and hummus tartlets, and mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish sauce, the favourite by a long shot though was heart shaped cheesy beans on toast, definitely a first, but wont be a last.









Mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish sauce
beetroot and hummus tartlets











After the speeches we provided the guests with a two course meal. To start a dish created and chosen by the happy couple followed by steak and chips with a Stilton sauce. For desserts the guests enjoyed an ice cream from the Mr. Whippy van which seemed to go down a treat.









We then opened the bar and served the guests their favourite tipple. It was lovely to see the happy couple and their guests enjoying themselves.









In the evening we provided an evening meal for those who were feeling a little peckish. On the menu was chicken kebab with peppers, salad and pita bread. To follow macaroons and slices of homemade Victoria sponge.

Macaroons and homemade Victoria sponge
















Making sure everyone was content we left the guests to continue their evening and dance the night away.

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